Etude House: BK801 - Evening Black Sand Swatch

Sorry for the poor cell phone quality picture.  I tried to use my better camera but it wasn't able to catch the glitter in the polish.

I had no idea this polish is so amazing when I bought it.  I just bought it because the sales was telling me if I buy 3 polishes, the I'll get a free nail sticker.  So, I just picked this one for the 3rd polish that I needed.

The brush for this polish is thick and round.  I like thick / big brushes for easier application.  For this polish, you can apply a super thick coat and it will still dry very fast! I mean REALLY fast.  Here I have 2 coats on.  When dried it has a leathery texture.  The product description say it's "sandy", but it seem more like a leathery texture to me.  

I wanted to get the leather polish a while back, but the price was ridiculously high.  Now, I can get a similar one, WITH GLITTER, and it's around $3.50USD. Not bad, right?

Anyways, I realized I don't like leathery texture.  I don't like non-glossy finish.  So, I put on a coat of clear polish.  Good that I didn't buy the expensive leather polish.


Etude House: BK801 - Evening Black Sand Swatch Etude House: BK801 - Evening Black Sand Swatch Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, July 19, 2013 Rating: 5


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