Glittery Nautical Nail Wrap

My new work is taking up a lot of time. It takes 4 hrs to commute to work and back home and 10 hours for work. I try to sleep 8 hours a day. That leaves 2 hrs a day for personal stuff. This means I have no time for painting my nails.

There are many designs that I want to paint free handedly. However, with just 2 hours eat, shower, and other random stuff, I just can't fit painting my nails in my schedule. Fortunately, there's nail wrap.

This nail wrap is one in the pile that I regret buying. The colors are not very vibrant. The overall quality of the sticker isn't good. I don't like the texture of it. It doesn't stretch well. When you paint a top coat over it, you have to be very delicate. If not, the brush will drag along the design and the image the smudge as it dissolve into the top coat. 

The result actually turned out to look better than I expected. But still, I won recommend this nail wrap. The design doesn't look good, don't you think?


Glittery Nautical Nail Wrap Glittery Nautical Nail Wrap Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, July 11, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. I feel you about not even having enough time to even do your nails.

    I think these decals would've look so much better if the colors were brighter, the red part looks more orange.

    1. Seems like your work is tying you down.
      I need a balance between work and life....


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