Roll Cake Dessert Nail Art

So I was waiting for a friend who was a bit late. I can't just stand there in the summer heat.  It's 30 degrees out there with a humidity high enough to drown me.  And there it was, an Étude House shop. My feet automatically went in and there were some really cute glitter polishes! Not sure what happened in the middle but after 10 min I bought 4 polishes.

I always tell myself not to buy as I have a lot at home. I blame this time on my friend who was late. If she wasn't late, then I wouldn't have wandered into the shop. Haha. 

Here is one of the glitter polish I got. In English, it should be WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss. It has glitters of various size and colors in it.  I love the little pink and blue hearts in it.

I applied a layer of Chanel and 2 layers of the Étude House glitter polish.
The orangy red is Chanel's 647 Lilis that I got from my friend~

Decorated it with little fimo roll cakes.

These were a killer to wash off.  I love glitters, but I hate washing them off.

Roll Cake Dessert Nail Art Roll Cake Dessert Nail Art Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, July 15, 2013 Rating: 5

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