The Yard Cafe

Nachos! We love nachos!  There is this tiny bar on Granville with really good nachos!  It's loaded with toppings!  I don't like cheap nachos where the toppings runs out when you aren't even half way through the dish.  The nachos at The Yard will last till the very last nacho on the plate!

You can order a small size or are Yard size.  This is the Yard size here and it's enough for 2 people.  Cho and me.  We basically just have nachos for dinner that night.  This is nachos with chorizo~

Cho is loving Caesar lately.  Every bar/pub she goes to, she needs to order at least 1 Caesar.

There was this huge dog in the pub.  One of the customer's dog.  She's sooooo cute.  By the size of her, I thought she would be some vicious ass biting dog.  But instead, she is sooooo friendly.  She's a mix of wolf and husky.  Now I want a mixed dog of wolf and husky.  Why can't my dog, Marley, be as friendly to people?  This dog here lets strangers rub her tummy and she loves it.  On the other hand, my dog Marley will bite off any strangers' hand that's within a meter radius....

With the plate of nachos happily in my stomach, NO. 6 is crossed off!

The Yard Cafe at point Y in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.


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  1. Blog surfing!

    Those nachos look really appetizing!
    And oh, your dog Marley is very cute. Is he a Siberian Husky?


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