Summer life saver: Mosquito door net

My mom wasn't able to sleep for 2 weeks, because of the mosquitoes biting her ans buzzing around her during her rest. Every time she goes to bed, she would hear the buzzing sound and she would get very stressed, preventing her from getting a good nights rest. 

She would complain about the mosquitoes to me every single day, so I bought the mosquito lamp. The blue light will attract the mosquitoes to keep it away from my mom, but will unfortunately kill the mosquitoes when they come in contact with the lamp.

The next day I asked my mom, how was her rest, and she told me that not only was the lamp unable to keep the mosquitos away, it would also make a loud popping sound when the mosquitoes flew into it. This just made everything worse.

So my mother was still troubled by the mosquitoes. My sister then told her about a mosquito net which you place over door way and it will prevent the mosquitoes from flying into her room all together. This changed everything and no lives will be harmed either. 

The net is separated into two parts and has a row of magnet in the center to link the left and right parts. 

To make the net even more attractive and appealing  the magnet is designed to have an vintage antique touch to it with the lace and jewelled decorations.

When we walk through the net, it will open out and when we pass through, the net will automatically close up because of the magnet in the center.

After we installed this wonderful piece, I asked my mom how her sleep was last night, she was all happy and said "better sleep than ever!" 

This thing doesn't kill mosquitoes after they enter your territory, so you don't need to feel bad for them and it doesn't make the explosive sound that only make you even more annoyed at night. It was not expensive too! It's less than 20 bucks!

It's odd that I found this product in Taiwan, but I don't seem to be able to find this in Vancouver, does anybody know?

For those of your who may be suffering from the same problem, here is a link where you can purchase this cute practice and cheap Mosquito solution.

I am not linked to this pruchasing store in anyway and I did not buy my mosquitoe net through this site. I am also not paid to write this post about this wonderful product. I just wanted to share something that has saved me a lot of stress and grief. Enjoy :)


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