VS - Cuffed & Etude House WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss Swatch

Cho is lazy.  She is constantly sick from weird unknown germs, so she never has the energy to do complicated designs on her nails.  When she is finally free with energy, she is too lazy to sit and paint her nails.  She is too lazy to take a picture of her hands or write a post.  Yet, she wants to make a post on her new colors and swatches.  So, today I, Chi, is posting her pictures for her.

I don't know when and where she got this VS cuffed nail polish.  She always say she won't buy anymore, but I see her bring back a box each time she goes to Canada / States.  I think this VS polish is from her recent trip Canada.

The glitter one is the one I got earlier from Etude House.  It's WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss.  It's a glitter polish with many glitters in different sizes and colors.  The VS polish is Cuffed.  It's a grey metalic color.

Cho is the one who took the pictures of the nail polish.  I told her to take a picture of them in the light box so the colors won't be so off.  But as expected, she said she was too tired to walk 1.5 meters from where she was sitting to the light box.  So, she just took the picture under yellow lighting at the desk.

I took this picture for her.  She saw me taking pictures at the light box and stuck her hand in and ask me to take a picture for her.  If not, this would be another yellowy picture of her hand.

VS - Cuffed & Etude House WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss Swatch VS - Cuffed & Etude House WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss Swatch Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, September 15, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. Super cute glitter! (: Would look good on a white color as well, I guess!

    1. I tried. It didn't really show up tho. The gitter colors are too pale


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