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    New Toy: Candy Pistol!!!

    New Toy: Candy Pistol gun

    Look what I found!  A gun that shoots candy ammo!  I got a pink one!  It was a long day after work on a Friday night.  After a long sad fruitless week at work, I decided to go out for a movie.  Came across this cute little thing at this weird shop that sells a lot of random stuff.

    I got a pink gun.  The Japanese always come out with weird fun stuff.  Love how much thoughts they put into their candy.  Not that I think it's a suitable thing for a kid....a gun...candy...and kids.  They don't really match.

    New Toy: Candy Pistol gun

    There are instructions on the back that I can't understand~

    New Toy: Candy Pistol gun

    It comes with 2 packs of ammo~ I wonder if it will work with Nerds....

    New Toy: Candy Pistol gun

    Takes about half a pack to load up.  It can't shoot very far.  Just a few feet or so.  Now I can commit suicide with my candy gun.

    New Toy: Candy Pistol gun

    Now it's time to test the power of this baby~
    Had some fun time with Marley too~

    New Toy: Candy Pistol gun



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