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    REVLON Nail Art Moon Candy 270 Cosmic swatch (Christmas Nail Art)

    This is Cho's hand again.  She is never in the mood to post.  She is a princess with very bad temper who can't even paint her nails without screaming at how she can't find a color to use (we have around 400 nail polish at home).

    Here is another swatch from the REVLON Nail Art Moon Candy collection.  270 Cosmic.
    It's the first one on the left.

    This is 2 coats of the green base color and one coat of the yellow glitter.

    We thought the Cosmic on its own is quite plain and dull.  So we decided to do an accent nail of red crystals.  The color compliments each other and gives such a Christmas feel~



    1. Kyaaa~ this is so pretty! Too bad they don't sell Revlon anymore in Germany :( Hope I will still be able to get my hands on them somehow >///<

      1. why don't you try getting them online? ebay?


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