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    Free standing nail polish diy for cheap

    Where we can get this for cheap or virtually Free :

    I am always trying to find new ways to organize my nail polishes since my collection is ever growing and I can't help myself when I see all the pretty bottles neatly placed in the salons.... I just want to take it all home. 

    I have always admired all the lovely nail polish wall mount displays that nail salons have. It is so practical and at the same time an absolute piece of art. The only thing stopping me from covering my walls with those is the ridiculous price. It is way way way way..................... out of my budget as their price of around $70USD which hold around 100 polishes. I have over 400+ bottles now and I am not ready to dish out almost $300USD for a display. 

    So the crafty diy part of me has been thinking for a while where on earth can I get something that can hold a lot of polishes for cheap. Then when I went grocery shopping one day I saw the perfect thing. I saw those card dis that kinda looked like this one
    I was thinking this is perfect, free standing so I don't need to drill any holes in the wall and it already has those steps so I can neatly put all my nail polishes in place... the only problem was that it was still filled with merchandise and was sure the grocery store would not give it to me without selling all those cards.
    For the rest of that week, I would search high and low at all the grocery and convenient stores I visited to see if they had any empty displays. 

    Then I finally found an empty Cadbury Chocolate display. With a few touch ups (mostly just wrapping the background with patterned scotch tape). Although I know that this still won't come close to holding all my polishes, but I now at least have something to look at > < It was so exciting. 

    As a bonus I was always able to reuse this display and keep it from going into the dump. REUSE REDUCE and RECYCLE.


    1. Ooohhh I love this! I admire people like you who can recycle things and make them prettier.

      1. Thanks Thanks!!! You should try this if you have time! it is super easy and you would just love staring at all the pretty colors!!!!


    2. You can get nail polish wall racks on taobao for around $20 when its selling for nearly $600 USD on ebay - best to get someone to bring a set over if anyone is travelling from asia :)

      1. Even on Taobao it is quite expensive.... selling at around $75 RMB (ones that hold around 80 polishes) per mount and this does not include shipping, which also a significant sum because it is so big (even if the rack is shipped to Hong Kong or within China.

        But I know it is still cheaper than buying from ebay :) and taobao isn't available world wide Thanks for the info though.


    3. What an original idea and it looks great! How manny polishes do you have?

      1. hehehe... Thanks Thanks
        I have around 450+ polishes, I am crazy I know



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