Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water

I have to admit that I am obsessed with a lot of different beauty products from head to toe, paying special attention to skincare, haircare, and nail care.

I pay extra care for my hair because it absolutely needs it. I have long hair a couple inches away from my waist.  Ever since I got into dying and perming hair in university, it has become ridiculously unmanageable..... to the point that it looks exactly like a birds nest. So tangled that I can't brush it out and will try to hide it by putting it up into a huge bun (like how some ppl frantically tease their hair) because that is exactly what it looks like, it would be so tangled that there would even be one loose strand.
I have tried many different types and combinations of haircare products. My craziest time was when I had to use 4 different hair products after each wash (and I wash my hair everyday). So you can easily imagine how quickly the money adds up. As a result the haircare products I use not only has to be economical, but effective. 

Here is one of my latest favorite product from my Korea trip.  It is a moisturizing hair water spray. Its consistency is almost exactly like water so you don't have to worry about it weighing your hair down. I apply it to my damp hair before blow dry.  The best part is, after using this product for two weeks I have noticed that I can almost easily brush through my hair when I wake up in the morning.  It is winter time right now too,the worst time of year for my hair.  I also remember it being fairly cheap buying it Watsons korea.
But I think its lovely effects will soon fade when I run out as I only bought one bottle *crys*
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