Black and Blue Vancouver Steak House

Sorry for the flash, but the restaurant was really far too dark for me to take pictures without it. Infact, I actually had my friend use the flashlight on their phone to help give me lighting on these pics, that way the photos will be less harsh. 
Doesn't the steak just look absolutely delicious!!! Made to the perfect medium rare, which seems like a hard task for some restaurant these days..... 

When reading the reviews I saw a lot of people complain about the service. Although I won't call it great service, but it wasn't that horrible, maybe I was lucky.... but what kinda annoyed me was that our serving wouldn't stop talking and leave us alone. He just kept going on and on and on.... when I was really hoping to have a nice dinner conversation with friends.... 

Like our server said, this the baked Portobello mushroom is to die for! I could eat it all day if it wasn't so pricey, but then again I think I would have a heart attack from all the cheese and oils :p But it was just so so good. 

We had a side of sauteed mushrooms with our steak...... I think you all maybe catching on already that I do love mushrooms hehe.....

For dessert we had the creme brulee, nothing special, but then again it is hard to get a wow factor from this dessert. 

Black and Blue is at point n in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

By Cho 

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