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    Whimsical Photo Owl Penguin Bunny Rabbit Decals

    Really don't know why, but Chi called these nails scary. She said that the white blob owl looking thing was creepy because it looked like an owl.... but it is suppose to be an owl... so I don't know what she was trying to get at, but any how these are super cute whimsical decal. They remind me of a nursery. 

    I wanted to try something new with my nail color / base color since I think we can both agree that doing plain colors on decals can get quite boring. So I tried the non-dip water marbling technique. I was surprised at how easy and how nice it turned out. It also matched perfectly with these decals. 

    One of the key things I noticed that made the water marbling easy to do is that I tried to stick with jelly base / translucent polishes. They seem to blend a lot better and easier together. Just a small tip that I think is useful

    These are the colors I used for this mani, quite simple basic colors that I am sure all of you would have something similar :)

    These are a close up of the the water decals I used for this mani. These decals are quite thin so you have to watch up to not have them fold when picking them up from the water. Or what I did was dip my finger into the water and rise underneath the decal and see where it lands on my nails :p

    You can get these Water Decals here

    by Cho 


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