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    Aria Night Out at Vegas! Dancing at Haze

    Aria Night Out at Vegas!

    Las Vegas! I've been there a few times.  Love the city.  It's a fun and glamorous city for you to party party and more parties.  Not that I am going to Vegas, but I was reached out by Vegas.com to create a nail art look for Aria Night Out!

    For those who went with me, you know who you are.  Time sure does fly!  I wish we can go again together!  When will be able to gather together and go on a trip again?  I miss you all.

    Looking at these pictures sure brings back memories.

    I've actually stayed at Aria the last time I went to Vegas.  It's an absolutely gorgeous hotel with the expected casino and all.  There's a club call Haze in Aria and here is a nail art look for a night to dance away at Haze!

     Here is Haze!

    For more info on the hotel as well as the option to book a room for that spontaneous trip to Vegas, please visit http://www.vegas.com/resorts/aria/

    How can you not dress up for a party at Vegas?

    With all the special lighting effects, I think it would be great to have glittery nails to bling up your look!

    So, here is the look I have created for a dancing night at Haze.

    Aria Night Out at Vegas!

    I did the look on fake nails as I am just too lazy to clean off my own nails before I paint.

    These are all the material I used for the look.

    Aria Night Out at Vegas!

    I really love the ones with the nail foil.

    Aria Night Out at Vegas!

    Which nail is your favorite?

    Aria Night Out at Vegas!

    Aria Night Out at Vegas!

    So here is me trying them on.  These are long nails.  Of course you can file them shorter or smaller if needed.

    Aria Night Out at Vegas!

    They look pretty fake on me as I didn't glue them on properly.  Come on! I am just testing them out for looks for you guys.  So, forgive me if the fit looks weird in the picture.

    You can get them here:

    Which one is your favorite hotel in Vegas?



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