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    Aria Night Out - Dinner at Sage Nail Art

    Here is another nail look for a night out in Vegas.  I have been contacted by Vegas.com that they are doing a promotion for Aria and ask if I would like to participate in creating a look for an #AriaNightOut.

    I've stayed at Aria a few years ago.  I miss the place.  I wish I can go again.  Like many other hotels in Vegas, they have a huge casino, night club and fabulous restaurants.

    Here is an elegant look for a dinner at Sage!

    The restaurant looks nice doesn't it?

    For more info on the hotel as well as the option to book a room for that spontaneous trip to Vegas, please visit http://www.vegas.com/resorts/aria/

    I created these on false nails and I didn't put them on properly.  I am wearing another design underneath and I was too lazy to take the old design off.

    It's pretty simple but elegant.

    These are all the material I used.

    Here are the nails on their own.

    You can get these here:



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