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  • Ocean Park @ Hong Kong

    Other than shopping, there aren't much to do in Hong Kong.  At least that's the case in my opinion.  Now that it's Fall and the temperature is gradually going down, my friends and I decided to give Ocean Park a visit.  Especially since we got some staff discounts from a friend.  We paid HKD$240 for our ticket.  The original price is HKD$320.  Honestly, the park is not worth the HKD$320.  It doesn't even worth the HKD$240.  But hey, we had nothing to do and we did get a discount, so why not.  It would be good to get out of our bed and stretch our muscles once in a while.

    So, here is my ticket.

    Ocean Park @ Hong Kong

    It's nearing the end of November and the Christmas decorations are up.  It's kind of weird to see all these Christmas decorations when the weather is still pretty warm.  I think it was around 25 degrees celsius.  It got cooler at night, but when it was noon, it was still very warm.

    Ocean Park @ Hong Kong

    The park is basically separated into 2 parts.  The first part is when you first enter the park at the bottom of the mountain, the 2nd part is up in the mountain where most of the rides are.  We headed straight up to the mountain to the rides!  Here comes to train to the top of the mountain.

    Ocean Park @ Hong Kong

    A view from up on the mountain when we were waiting for one of the rides.  The place was so crowded!  There were loads of Mainlanders and a whole bunch of Filipino.  It's totally a touristy place.  Couldn't see much locals here at all.  

    I am not trying to be an ass or anything, but I really find that many of the things that the Mainlanders do is embarrassing to the Chinese nation in general.  (Of course, not all Mainlanders are like that.  However, there were a lot of bad doings from the Mainlanders that makes you wonder if they were really living on earth all along).  Just a side note, I am also a Chinese.

    One thing that the Mainlander tourists did to piss me off is that they love pushing.  The place is already crowded.  I was already walking as fast as the crowd allowed me to, but there were still Mainlanders that couldn't walk in a civilized manner and pushed and shoved you around as if that would make things faster.  That being said, these were still the better part of the crowd.  

    It's common sense to wait in line if you want to go on a ride, right?  FALSE!  Even when there is an obviously long line queuing outside the ride/aquarium, many still find themselves better than the rest of us and just climb over the fences to get into the rides/aquariums.  I was like "WTF?!"  Do they have no concept of lining up or do they really think they are special?  I see staffs trying to kick out the people who climbed over fences to sneak in (actually, you can't call it "sneak in" when it's totally out in the open).  However, when there is a crowd doing it, they just didn't have enough manpower to catch those budging bastards.  Don't they feel embarrassed about what they are doing at all?

    Anyways, enough complaining.  Here are some pictures of the day.

    Ocean Park @ Hong Kong

    Ocean Park @ Hong Kong

    OK, I got to say something about this guy with the water gun.  You see the people coming in a tube?  It's a ride call The Rapids.  And above the track of the ride, there is a spot with water guns where anyone can aim at the passengers in the tube.  This guy was having sooooooooooo much fun aiming the water gun at the people passing by.  He was over joy with the experience that he couldn't help but led out an evil grin on his face each time he successfully shoot at someone.  It was more entertaining watching him aiming at his victims than to watch the victims scream as they try to cover themselves with whatever they had.

    Just thought I'd take a picture with my nails and this place, since it's all quite nature-y.

    I like how they have the old Hong Kong theme just outside of the cable car station.

    They are so lucky.  Their main job each day is to eat and sleep.

    So, this ends the day at Ocean Park.  Due to the large crowd, I had to line up for 30 minutes to an hour for each ride.  Hence, I only went on 2 rides.  There also weren't much to see in the aquariums.  There are so many other aquariums in the world that are better than this place.  I feel like Ocean Park doesn't have the capacity to carry so many people each day, making the experience at the park pretty horrible.  I spent about 7 hours here.  I went into 3 aquariums that is just mid size in my point of view, a few other small exhibition and 2 rides.  Most of the time, you just walk and wait in line.  

    This place is not worth the money and the time.  Not unless they limit the people to at least 50% of what they are letting in now.

    Ocean Park's main entrance is at point B in "Places Part 1" on the mapl



    1. OMG Thanks God I didn't visit this place 2 years ago. We spent our time in Disneyland, my daughter loved it so much. Nice Nails btw <3

      1. Well, it also makes a difference if you go on weekends or weekdays. Was Disneyland crowded at that time you went?

    2. What a big and fun park. For me it looks like a dream, because I have never seen such a big entertaining place in my life!

      1. actually I like small quiet place more. It's more relaxing~ Where are you from?


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