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    Étude House Play - S - #224 Swatch

    Étude House Play - S - #224 Swatch

    Here is a swatch for Étude House Plat S #224. Found this bottle at a cosmetic shop Kawaii Land in Hong Kong. They don't have testers there. So, I really had no idea what the result would look like. I saw an S on the label. I had no idea what it meant. Most of the descriptions and name is in Korean and I can't read that language. I thought S stands for Shiny or Smooth.  Turns out it's sandy....

    Étude House Play - S - #224 Swatch

    The brush tip is big, making it easy to apply an even coat. 

    Here is the polish with 1 coat. I like how the color and sands spread so evenly. 

    Étude House Play - S - #224 Swatch

    Here it is in 2 coats. I think it's good enough with 2. I like the little pink, blue and yellow sand here and there. It makes the look more fun.

    The polish dries very fast. I love it.

    Étude House Play - S - #224 Swatch


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