Hole Punch Paper Star Nails

Ok I have to admit it has been months since I have posted anything. Chi really has been doing a lot of hard work. I took some time off because my nails just wouldn't grow and with a lot of heavy lifting and warehouse work my nails chip instantaneously which just makes me so sad :'(

Now those warehouse days are over and I can paint my nails to my little hearts content! This manicure was not a really well thought out one. I actually went into work that morning having a completely different design planned, but when I went to execute it, my nails turned out too small and just wouldn't work. I had already had my base color all done and it seemed like such a waste if I didn't do at least a simple design. So I pulled out my star hole puncher from my drawer and punched a few holds in a scrap piece of white paper. I then applied the paper stars on my nails with some top coat. Simple enough :)

The only think I would have done differently is I would have waited for the top coat to be a little more tacky before applying the stars because they kept unraveling. Another thing that I would keep note of is that my white stars turned into this ugly gray tone while my top coat was drying like soaked up wet paper, but went away when the top coat dried completely so not to worry if that happens to you.

by Cho

Hole Punch Paper Star Nails Hole Punch Paper Star Nails Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Rating: 5


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