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    Summer Water Color Sunset Nails

    These were so fun to make! So so so fun. I loved blending all the jelly polishes together to create this unique gradient look. However, I think I can only achieve this design on these nail chips because they take forever to dry because I had to paint on coats of polish before it could fully dry.  These took me 3-4 days to complete, but it was well worth it!

    Please excuse my bad photo editing though, This is what happens when I edit photos on my laptop... I vow never to do that again. 

    If you love this as much as I do, you can purchase them at our Etsy store at the link below:

    Each set includes 20 false nails decorated to the above design with 10 different sized nail chips so you will definitely be able to find a size that fits and also be able to mix and match to create your perfect and unique combination.



    1. So much to look at here--love the shifting base colors!


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