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  • Trickeye Museum - Hongdae, Seoul

    Trickeye Museum - Hongdae, Seoul

    It's actually my second time here.  Cho, hasn't been here before, so as a great sister that I am, I took her to take some pictures.  She loves taking selfies as well.  A while back when she lost her phone, she was very upset.  Not because she had lost all the contact numbers or setting or saved games on her phone, nor was it because her phone was a few thousand Hong Kong dollars.  It was because she had lost all her 3000+ perfect selfies.  She hasn't been syncing her phone to her computer so all her selfies were gone with her lost phone.  That's how much she loves taking pictures.

    This place was crowded!  Lots of people that day.  We had to wait wait wait wait wait for our chance to take pictures with different 3D paintings on the floor or on the floor.  Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it.  I had a lot of fun here even though it was my second time here.  They have some new paintings for the year 2015.  I'd say about 10% are new.  So, I guess it wasn't too bad for my 2nd visit.

    Tickets are originally 15,000 won.  I know there are a lot of discount coupon online for this place.  So, I went to Konest and got my 3,000 won discount coupon.  The site is in Chinese though.  But I am sure there are other English sites with the coupon.

    Faster! Run faster!

    Trickeye Museum - Hongdae, Seoul

    There's also an ice museum and you can  go on the slide inside.  The last time I came here, it was summer.  So, I was wearing some skimpy clothes and froze in this ice museum.  I ended up running out of the ice museum after 1 minute last time.  This time, it's winter and I have my jacket and sweater on.  So finally, I can go on the slide without freezing to death.

    Trickeye Museum - Hongdae, Seoul

    Trickeye Museum - Hongdae, Seoul

    Trick Eye Museum at point G



    1. Very nice museum! Loved your photos!

    2. Hello Chichicho, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae and hope you had great time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers (http://trickeye.blogspot.com). If it's ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! :)


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