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    Yeouido Park - Seoul

    Yeouido Park - Seoul

    This is just a random place we decided to come.  This is a recreational park for people to play basketball and stuff.  They say people come here for cherry blossoms in spring.  It's winter when I came, so there really is nothing to see.  

    Yeouido Park - Seoul

    We were already here, so we decided to take a look around.  There is this little pond that they call the ecological forest.  We wanted to see how "forest" is this forest.  

    Yeouido Park - Seoul

    Although everything is dried and dead looking, I still think it's a pretty nice place to take pictures at.

    Yeouido Park - Seoul

    The pond was frozen and I find it quite beautiful.

    Yeouido Park - Seoul

    People in Hong Kong is easily satisfied with crappy tiny park as it's really hard to find any sort of park with enough trees to be actually called a park.  So, although this Yeouido Park isn't big, it's already many times bigger than parks in Hong Kong.  I went to the Tsing Yi Park in Hong Kong.  It was loaded with photographers trying to take pictures of whatever nature that is left there.  They were also there to take pictures of the trees that were changing colors with red leaves.  When I got to the Tsing Yi Park, there really were only 2 tiny trees with red leaves.   I don't understand why people in Hong Kong can be amazed by 2 tress with red leaves and find that worth while to drag out their huge photography equipment for pictures of the pretty much dead trees there.  It's just so sad seeing people trying to grab a glimpse of nature in Hong Kong.

    Direction:  Yeouido Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 3.
    Walk 5 minutes towards the National Assembly building.

    Yeouido Park at point z.



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