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    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    A new burger place opened up in Lan Kwai Fong.  As a burger lover, I have been waiting for them to open for a long time.  On the other hand, I resisted in going for as long as I could.  I want to lose some weight and having burger for lunch is definitely not going to help with the losing weight process.  I don't know what got over me, but I decided to have burger that day and regret about eating it later.

    While they were still renovating the place, they had big poster board at the entrance with some girls with big boobies holding burgers.  I saw people complaining about how they are demoralizing women and then they changed it to a half naked men holding a burger.  So, I guess it OK to demoralize men.

    Anyways, I looked at their menu and they only serve 4 burgers.  There's the Double D, Single D, a fish burger and a chicken burger.  I wanted the Double D, but I knew I won't be able to finish it, so I got the Single D instead.  How I wish the fat I get from eating the burger can go to my boobs to make a double D....Anyways, I also ordered a cheesy fries.  I was already feeling guilty as I place my order.  I got it to go as the place was small and the tables were already filled.  It wasn't even the peak hour of lunch time yet and there weren't any seats already.  I went at noon.

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    Total comes to HK$118.  Too much for burger and fries?  

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    I was quite disappointed with the look of cheesy fries.  It's basically just fries with lots of cheese whiz.

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    After tasting it, I love it.  I love these fat crispy fries that soft and moist on the inside.  Just the way I like it.  It is also seasoned.  I think it will be even better without the cheese.

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    So, here is the burger.  It got squished on the way of taking it back to my office.  It definitely looks a lot better if you eat in.

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    So, there's tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickle and some caramelized onion in it.  Oh, also the special Double D sauce.

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    Looks like a mess here.  Just want to show you how big the patty is.  It's real thick.  I am sure it would look gorgeous if you eat it.

    Double D Burger @ Central, Hong Kong

    Lots of flavor.  Very juicy.  Very messy.  A little bit too salty for my taste.  

    I definitely prefer this place over The Butchers Club Burger.  It just tastes better and less plain!

    Address: 22 Wellington Street

    Double D Burger is at point k in the list "Places Part 1" on the list.



    1. Ohh, I'll have to try this when I'm vacationing in HK this summer!


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