Summer French Nails

To be honest, I have completely forgotten about this post. It has been sitting in my draft box for months. But now I am glad I have it isn't I have been running out of posts these days due to my laziness and also my frequent travels.

These french nails are done with water decals. I just had to paint on a clean neutral pink as my base (but if you have a nice nail tone to begin with you can really just skip this step) then applied the water decals.

Nice and simple and super easy,  Nice bright colors for summer!!! Just the way I like it. Makes me want to do more of these nails so so nice and easy and they look like I spent hours on it.

If you are interested in these too you can purchase these decals at our Etsy shop via the below link :)

by Cho

Summer French Nails Summer French Nails Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. Wonderful decals, perfect for this period of time. I never tried decals on my tips, I have to add some to my collection!

    1. definitely try some and maybe you will be addicted.

  2. I always envy your nails and wish I had them. Absolutely beautiful



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