The Butchers Club Burger@ Central, Hong Kong

I have been hearing people talking and seeing people posting pics of their burgers at Butchers Club.  Finally, I have a chance to taste what's the big fuss is about.

When you walk in, there really is just 1 thing on the menu.  A burger.  If I remembered it correctly,  I think the regular burger is HK$100.  However, there ia a QR code on the menu for the secret menu.  We scanned it and there were a few more other burgers to choose from.  At the end, we ordered a regular burger and a Hog's Town Burger and a fries.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  The place was a little dim and I was only using my iphone 5 for the pictures.

Butcher's Club @ Central, Hong Kong

Butcher's Club @ Central, Hong Kong

So, this is the regular burger.  They say they use dry age beef to make the beef patty.  However, I really can't taste the different to regular burger patties.  In fact, I couldn't really taste anything beefy about it.  It's just very different from what I expected.  I guess my expectation was too high.  I had really delicious dry aged steak before and the steak was to die for.  So, I expected the burger to be the same.  I was quite disappointed to how this burger came out.

Butcher's Club @ Central, Hong Kong
This one is the Hog's Town burger.  It's quite a mess to eat.  The pull pork and sauce is all over the place.  My friend actually didn't finish his burger.  I didn't get to try what the Hog's Town burger tasted like.  However, from the look on my friend's face, I guess it wasn't all too good.  If not, he would have finished it.

I really think this place is over rated.  I won't come again.  I think there are plenty of choices out there with the same quality or even better but charging at a lower price.

For 3 burgers, a fries and a can of coke, lunch cost us nearly HK$500.

Not really worth it in my point of view.

Address: Shop A, G/F, Sun Wise Building, 112-114 Wellington Street, Central

Butchers Club is at point j in the list "Places Part 1"

The Butchers Club Burger@ Central, Hong Kong The Butchers Club Burger@ Central, Hong Kong Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Rating: 5

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