Osaka Castle at Osaka, Japan

After visiting the History Museum, we walked across the street to see Osaka Castle.  Entry is free, but to go inside the Tenshukaku Castle, we need to pay.  As we bought the package ticket for the museum and the Tenshukaku Castle, we go straight to Tenshukaku Castle without paying again.

It's really cool how the castle is protect with water around it.

I was hoping there would be some cherry blossoms left by the time I come to Japan, but there weren't anymore here at the castle.

There are many temples inside. This is walking toward Hōkoku Shrine (豊國神社 also Toyokuni-jinja).

Then we headed to Tenshukaku Castle with our ticket and headed to the top to view Osaka up high.

Osaka's quite flat.  Not much mountains or hills.

We got down and went to buy some snacks.  Got this dango that they claim is famous in Osaka.  Tasted quite disgusting.  The sauce is sweet.  The little balls are soft mushed up rice flour or something.  

Although there were no cherry blossoms, there were lots of bushes with these kind of flowers.

Osaka Castle is point H in the map below.

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