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    Princess Nail Art Nail Wrap A1028

    Princess Nail Art Nail Wrap A1028

    Another nail wrap here.  It's a princess theme nail wrap.  Well, at least it's what it says on it.  I likethe lace and checker pattern.  Super cute and girly.  This is in style A1028.

    Again, each pack comes with 14 strips of 7 sizes.

    Princess Nail Art Nail Wrap A1028

    You can get it here:

    First, cut out the strip that you will be using and take of the plastic on the top.

    With a tweezers, peel of the nail wrap and stick it on your nail starting at the center of your cuticle.  Then slowly smooth outward, avoiding any air bubbles.

    The most important part is apply a top coat.  This will help seal in the nail wrap and smooth out minor wrinkles.  Remember to get every edges!

    Princess Nail Art Nail Wrap A1028


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