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    らーめん天地人 (Ramen at Ten-Ti-Jin) at Nipponbashi, Osaka

    It has been a long day walking around the city.  All I wanted to do was sit down and have something to eat.  Saw this ramen place Nipponbashi Station.  We were there to pick up some stuff we bought earlier and so we decided to sit down and rest our feet.  Actually, it was more like me sitting down to rest my feet as my friend went out to shop some more.  I couldn't walk anymore, so I sat down here for some noodles.  This place is seconds from all the Japanese toys stores.  Lots of action figures and anime related products that you can get here.

    I don't know what I ordered.  Basically, each time I order something at a restaurant, I just choose by looking through the photos.  I picked this one because of the egg.  I swear that I didn't do any photo editing to the color.  The egg yolk is naturally very red.  It tasted awesome as well.  The soup was thick and it wraps around the noodle nicely.  Every mouthful of the noodle was soaked with the rich soup.  Surprisingly, the soup isn't greasy or anything.  Not too salty as well.  
    This was one of my favorite ramen places during this trip to Osaka.

    Here is a screen cap of what outside of the store that I got from google map.  Very small place.  You really need to eat your food and get out right away as there will probably be a whole bunch of people lining up outside.

    大阪府 大阪市中央区 日本橋 2-4-10 日本橋UKビル

    Point W on map below



    1. How can Asian food look so interesting!? I am sure it tasted even better than it looked!

      1. the japanese are great with food presentation and I can't recall eating anything bad in Japan. They put a lot of effort in everything they do. I really admire that. I wish people in Hong Kong can do the same....


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