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  • Summer Polka Dots Nail Art

    I am now in Canada for summer vacation.  I only brought a few polishes with me.  Now that I am having jet lags, I took out my polishes to do my nails, only to find out to my horror that the SD card in my camera is gone!  Where is it?  It's all the way in Hong Kong.  In my laptop where I was trying to transfer the photos in the card to my computer.  I am so mad at myself!  How can I forget about that?  Now I have a camera without a memory card.  I'll either have to buy one or borrow one.  I hope it's not too expensive for a SD in Canada.  These photos are taken with my iphone 5.....I am so sad...the color is so yellowy and pixelated.

    Anyway, being all sad and stuff from forgetting my SD card, I have no mood to do any intricate designs.  So, I just did a quick polka dot design.

    Polishes I used from left to right:
    Sally Hansen Triple Strong Nail Strengthener
    The Saem Ardent Lady  AJ07
    ONL DD Pop Nails #34
    Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

    Her I have 2 coats of the base colors.

    Then I just use the back end of a brush to dab on some dots!  Seal in the design with a top coat when everything is dried.



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