Hot Glamor Nail Art

I went to raid my friend's house.  She only has 1 pair of hands and 1 face for make up and skincare, but her stock is probably enough to open a store.  Turns out her mother loves shopping and always load up her make up room for her.  Don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.  Good that she will always have something to use.  Bad because there are just too much.  She probably can't even start using many of the products before they expire.  She has so many duplicates and polishes and she doesn't even use.  So, she gave me some!  Thanks girl!

So, here I am doing a nail art with one of the polishes she gave me.  She gave me the black one.

Polishes from left to right:
The Saem Global Eco Red
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 480 Black Diamonds.

First, I painted 2 coats of the base color.  Now that I painted it on my nails, I realized I already have this glittery black color at home.  Oh well....mine is of a different brand anyway.  So, technically, it's still different.

Before my finger and my index finger dried off, I dipped it in a bottle of red glitter. Then I just wait for the polishes to dry.  When everything is dried, just applied top coat to make sure the glitter stays on!

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