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    Mandarake and Amerikamura (America Village) in Osaka, Japan

    We were wandering around in Shinsaibashi at night and somehow got to Mandarake in Amerikamura.  Mandarake is a shop that sells toys!  Japanese love toys! Why? I feel that in Canada, if an adult guy loves toys, it would be a little embarrassing for him to admit, but in Japan, it seems ordinary and expected if a grown man loves toys!  I don't know how many floors this shop has, I can't remember.  I only know that they have everything here!  Dolls, figures, little collectibles, manga, cosplay costumes etc.  I also find it interesting how they can make any innocent cartoon characters into some pervert dolls.  I remember I watch Card Captor Sakura when I was a kid and it's an innocent cartoon. But in Japan, I saw this slutty Sakura figure that seems to be touching herself everywhere wearing clothes that's way too little.  Childhood ruined.

    Though I wasn't interested in buying any of these toys, it was nice to look at some of the toys from my favorite cartoon Sailor Moon!

    Mandarake and Amerikamura (America Village) in Osaka, Japan

    They have some really old second hand toys too!  And they aren't cheap!

    Mandarake and Amerikamura (America Village) in Osaka, Japan

    This is what the outside looks like.

    We were then wandering around Amerikamura (America Village).  I find that they mostly sell guy's stuff.  Lots of guy's clothings.  So, we walked quickly to see what the area looks like and left.  Nothing for us to buy here...

    Here is the statue of liberty in daylight~

    Mandarake and Amerikamura (America Village) in Osaka, Japan

    Mandarake is at point c.  Address for Mandarake: Japan, 〒542-0086 大阪府大阪市 中央区西心斎橋2丁目9−22

    Amerikamura is at point K or just the area around point c.



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