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    麺家いろは (Menya Iroha) at 拉麵小路 (Ramen Koji) in Kyoto, Japan

    I went to Kyoto two days in a row.  On the second day, I went back to Kyoto again as I have nothing to do. I planned to visit some temple in Osaka before but I have had enough temple seeing for the trip. I don't want to just see temples anymore. So, I went back to Kyoto on the bullet train which only takes 15min from Shin Osaka Station. I didn't buy the reserved seat tickets. So, my friend and I sat separately. When we arrived at Kyoto, I looked around and didn't see my friend, so I thought my friend got off the train already. I got off too and went looking for my friend on the platform. The train then started heading to Nagoya. Turns out that my idiotic friend fell asleep and didn't get off. That idiot went off to Nagoya with the train along with all the map and my portable wifi. I was infuriated! I managed to get some wifi signal from the train station and sent numerous swear words to my idiot friend through Whatsapp. It took that idiot more than an hour to get back. I was so angry that I thought I was going to get a heart attack. I then decided to go back to Ramen Koji to wait for the idiot and to have more ramen!

    I ordered a lunch set with noodle and rice. Love it!  Both the ramen and the rice tasted great! Why can't we find quality ramen easily in Hong Kong?  This time I ate at Menya Iroha/麺家いろは.

    From the description on the Ramen Koji website, this is how they describe the shop:

    "This shop boasts its persistent devotion to the unique soup creation and noodle. Called as "Toyama black" the black soup is created by boiling fish sauce thoroughly for long hours. With the sauce finished up into mellow flavor, the rather plain taste is appreciated. The noodle kneaded up by deep water provides you with a meticulous taste. The noodle is a medium type between thick and thin noodles."

    I really don't understand what I just read, but it's OK.  All I know is that the ramen was great and I loved it.

    I can't really describe the taste with words. It's just delicious and you have to try it yourself to know. 

    Love the pork rice. Love how the pork, green onion and sauce work together for the absolute yumminess. 

    The shop collaborated with my favorite snack noodle to create their signature noodle in snack form!  Japanese has all these cool snacks! I need some in Hong Kong!

    麺家いろは (Menya Iroha) is located a point Z on the map.



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