Nara Park, Nara Japan

I had a 5 days trip to Osaka.  Stay all 5 days in Osaka is a little too much, especially when their clothes are to small to fit me and that I have already bought all the skincare and cosmetic for the year to come while I was in Seoul just a few months a go.  So, we decided to head to Nara Park where there are shrines and most important of all, there are lots of deer running around, waiting for people to feed them.

Is this a mascot of Nara?  I kept seeing this guy around.

After heading out the station, we walked passed a little lake/pond.  What a beautiful day! There were some huge koi fish in there.

Then we headed to the direction where we saw some roofs of shrines and was immediately greeted by deers walking/laying around.  To my surprise, the place didn't stink at all.  I didn't smell anything.

A deer relaxing in the shades under a tree.  Exactly what I want to be doing when I am at work.  They have poo like rabbits.  Little brown pellets you see on the ground are their poop.

I really don't remember the names of the temple anymore.  I wasn't there for the temple anyways.  I just wanted to feed the deers.  So, I only took a few pictures of the temple and didn't bother to find out more.

There are stands here and there selling deer crackers.  Crackers for you to feed the deer.  They are 150 yen a pack that comes with 10 round crackers.  The deers know where the crackers are from, but they never bother the vendors for food.  However, once a tourist walks over to the vendor and gets the crackers, the deer will start following and harassing the tourists.

The deers kept chewing on my dress.  I had to run away from them.  Feeding more than 1 at a time is annoying as they will try to get your attention by chewing on you and nudging you.  Best to just feed 1 at a time.

There were lots of shops around selling souvenirs.

And drinks and food.

I got one of these and the chestnuts inside tasted like gasoline.

There are no more cherry blossoms, but lots of greenery.

It's ok, I have my cherry blossom nails with me.

Most of the deers here don't have any antler. Here is a rare one with antlers.  They are very gentle.  When there's no food, they absolutely won't push or chew on you.

More shrines around the place.

Nara Park is at point V

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