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    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips - 210 Frock Star

    Another item I got from my dear friend is this Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips.  This is in style 210 Frock Star.  I've seen these strips before and always wanted to try, but thought they are just too expensive for something that's one time.  Especially since I can probably do the design freehandedly.  Now that it's free, I can finally give it a try.

    This is what comes in a box.  There are 2 sealed pouches with 8 strips inside.  There are different sizes.  So, there should be one that fits everyone's nails.

    Similar to the nail wraps  that I have used before, there is a plastic film on each strip that I need to remove before applied these on.  What's different about these and the ones that I usually use is that these are really like nail polish.  It has that really strong nail polish smell. I don't know if it was because the weather has been really warm or if these are really old, but it was quite difficult to remove the clear plastic.  I ripped the edges on almost all of them.  Fortunately, this is a glitter design, so you can't really tell.  The texture is just like nail polish too.  So, it is a little soft and will mold to the shape of your nails.  I then just applied top coat over it to make sure everything will stay in place.

     I think these are really interesting.  Great for the super lazy people who are even too lazy to just apply plain nail polish on.  However, these are not super easy to use.  Practice is definitely needed.  They look very real.  In fact, I really do think they are real nail polish as they smell like it.  



    1. I've heard about these wraps. Yours look stunning, I like the glam effect of it!


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