Jollibee - Central, Hong Kong

This is just a random cheap lunch post.  It's hard to find cheap lunches in Central.  I never would have the thought of going into Jollibee to try out their fast food until one of my friends said she likes their fried chicken.  I have actually never seen Jollibee anywhere else before.  I only know there is a Jollibee in Central.  I see a lot of Filipino eating at this fast food restaurant.  Found out it's one of the most popular fast food chain in Philippine.  So, is Jollibee more popular than McDonald's over at Philippine?  I find that it's interesting that they serve rice or spaghetti with fried chicken.  Nice combination!  So, I picked the HK$42 combo that comes with a fried chicken thigh and spaghetti!

The look of this spaghetti is quite scary.  The sauce is a little on the neon side.  The pasta is quite soft.  Can't expect much from fast food.  It's OK.  Quite sweet.

There are some sausages bits in it.  Don't know what type of meat though. It's quite sweet as well.  I was already quite full after eating the pasta.  I don't think I am a picky eater, so I am OK with it, but I think Cho will be disgusted with the pasta. Haha.  Mainly because of the softness and the sweetness.

Then there's the chicken thigh.  I like how it comes with a little gravy.  Anything would taste great with gravy!

I like how it's not thickly battered.

Tender and juicy inside!

There was a time when I really craved for KFC for lunch.  However, there wasn't one near my office.  Now I know where to get my fried chicken next I want KFC!

Address: Shop z4, G/F, Eurotrade Centre, 13 Connaught Rd., Central
Jollibee is at point n in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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