Granville Island - Vancouver, Canada

Granville Island!  I remember my mom brought me here a lot when we were kids.  We would have ice cream and look around all the art and crafts shop.  I also remember I went to the Arts Umbrella studio for a school field trip.  We were there to learn something about art and eventually did a painting there.  Makes me miss my childhood again.

Came here after dinner. It was like 8pm but the sky was still super bright! I love summer in Vancouver. It's June when I came.  The sun don't go down until 10pm and rise around 4:30am!  Love the super long day in the summer.

I actually never noticed this concrete place before.  Even something so industrial and in my point of view, not related to art, can add a touch of art to it.

People in Hong Kong would probably think it's a waste of money and time to add a hint of art to these trucks and the plant.  It's not going to generate more money by decorating it and therefore should not put any effort in it.

Love the trucks with the corn and strawberry pattern on it.  Super cute!

Then there's the super gorgeous view by the water.  I wonder how much the apartments across the water costs.....

Granville Island is at point y in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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