Sushi King - Marpole, Vancouver, Canada

I debated with myself whether to order take out from Sushi King for a little while.  I wanted ikura sushi, chopped scallop and a California roll.  I can barely finish 1 roll at a time.  I tried to look through their menu to find a combo with the rolls I want.  At first I wanted to order the chopped scallop sushi, but realized they have a chopped scallop roll.  Being the poor girl that I am, I decided to order 2 rolls and 2 ikura sushi.  After ordering it, I realized it's going be my dinner, my next day's lunch and dinner.  Being a poor girl, the CAD$13 is well spent!

I love ikura!  I want to have some salmon roe everyday.

I love the California roll at Sushi King.  Yummy!  

There are 6 huge pieces in one chopped scallop roll.  Good deal!

The lady shop owner is so nice.  We have been eating at this place ever since they opened.  I have been working in Hong Kong for so long and rarely comes back but she still remembers me.  So sweet.

Address: 8176 Granville Street, Vancouver
Sushi King is at point R in the list "Places Part 1" in the map.


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Sushi King - Marpole, Vancouver, Canada Sushi King - Marpole, Vancouver, Canada Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, September 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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