The Nosherie - Downtown in Vancouver, Canada

It's a girls day!  Shopping time in Downtown!  Got there around lunch time for some lunch first.  We came across The Nosherie.  It's a cafe that serves a few different types of sandwiches.  There were a lot of people.  So, that must means it's good, right?  Well, we went there and each got a sandwich.  I love it.  My friend got the butter chicken sandwich.  She said it's good.  I didn't try, but it sure looks mouth watering.  Lots of sauce.  I hate it when sandwiches are dried.  So, this butter chicken sandwich looked delicious to me.

Then I got the pork sandwich.  I love it!!!  Super delicious!  It's loaded with pork pieces that soft and a little crunchy at the same time.  There were also onion and apple slices in the sandwich.  A perfect combination!  Now I want to get a sandwich just be looking at these pictures.

I got a sandwich and soup combo.  Total with tips comes to around CAD$15.

Address: 575 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
The Nosherie is at point I in the list "Places Part 2" on the map.

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