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    UBC Botanical Garden and Canopy Walk - Vancouver, Canada

    Saw this Canopy Walk thing on Groupon.  I wanted to get the voucher as it's 50% off!  However, it was sold out!  So, I had to pay the full price which was CAD$21.  For that price, I can have access to the Botanical Garden and the Canopy Walkway.  

    I got a map that I had no idea how to read.  Nonetheless, I found the walkway!  The entrance was a little hidden behind the endless trees and bushes.  

    The walkway is sooooooooo wobbly.  I had to have both my hands on the rope in order to walk through it.  I felt like the thing is ready to fall apart any time!  Scary!  But then, I am always scared of everything.

    Then I headed to the garden part!  Super hot day but that's OK.  I love the bright blue sky!  There are so many little gardens.  I find that I was the only one that was walking through it alone.  Everyone else were with their family or bf/gf.....felt like such a loner.

    The Botanical Garden is at point K in the list "Places Part 2" on the map.



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