Deer Lake Trail - Burnaby, Vancouver Canada

It's Deer Lake again!  I came here to ride on paddle boat before, but I never walked around it on the trail.  So, while I was in Vancouver in the Summer, I took advantage of the great weather and went all the way to Deer Lake for a walk. 

There are lots of geese at the entrance of the lake and they are not afraid of people at all.  Don't feed them.  If you do, the hundreds of geese will swarm around you and that's just scary.

Took a deep breath in front of the lake and look for the entrance of the trail!

I started the trail on the right side of the lake.

I felt a little disturbed seeing the sign.  I certainly don't want to bump into any big cats!

Lots of little trails in the park.  I just took the one that goes around the lake.

Nice board walk.  The trail breaks apart in boardwalks and gravel.  I just followed anyone I saw in front of me to make sure I am still on the trail.

Love the scenery!  Great walk!

There are times when the trail break off and I just had the shape of the lake in my mind and try to walk as close to it as possible to stay on track.

There aren't many people there.  I would see someone walk by every few minutes only.

I miss this blue sky!

Finally, I have walked once around the lake and I am back to the entrance!

The start of the trail is at point a in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below:

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