Daily Circle Lenses 2

L-Con 1 Day Pop Rich Black
BC8.7  DIA14.2

A natural look.  Can't see any purple at all when it's on my eyes. Comfy.  They look so natural that it makes me wonder, "Why bother wearing it when you can't tell it's on?"  Well, it does makes my eyes look bigger.

Lilmoon Cream Beige 1 Day
BC8.6 DIA14.4

While complain how the above looks too natural, this one looks a little too unnatural for my taste.  I feel like an alien wearing them.  They are very comfortable though, couldn't feel them at all.  And these have the bigger DIA I've ever worn.

Lilmoon Cream Grege 1Day
BC 8.6 DIA14.4

Similar to their beige color, this one is also on the unnatural side and are also very comfortable.  It has a grey tone around the outside.  I like this one better.  It looks more natural compared to the beige color.

Motecon Eye-Dress 1 Day Pink
BC8.6 DIA 14.2

I just had to get these when I saw them.  Wanted to get pink contact lenses for a long time, but I was unable to find any daily ones in Hong Kong.  You can't see a lot of pink when it's on the eyes though, making them look quite natural.  Unfortunately, these are super uncomfortable.  My eyes were very dry after wearing them for about an hour or so.  Eye drops didn't help much.  I have to take them out and throw away after 3 hours.  They are so uncomfortable that I never use any of them again....I don't know what to do with the 9 pairs that I have left.


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