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    Peaceful Restaurant - Vancouver, Canada

    It seems that I didn't have much Chinese food while I was in Vancouver.  So, I didn't to have some Shanghai food before I leave.  Went to Peaceful Restaurant down on Broadway for some Shanghai food!  Lots of yummy looking things to choose from!

    I love menus with pictures!

    I think this was the Dan Dan Noodle.  Yummy!

    How can you go to a Shanghai restaurant without ordering Siu Long Bao?!  Love these pork dumplings that's filled with hot soup!

    Also love the beef pancake wraps! Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside with the sweet sauce covered beef slices!

    Address: 532 West Broadway, Vancouver

    Peaceful Restaurant is at point d in the list "Place Part 2" in the map below.

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