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    The Saem Candy Nails 05 Swatch

    I always say I won't buy new polishes, but I do it anyways and I have a good reason for it.  It's HK$17 a bottle!  That's like US$2 a bottle.  It should be cheaper if I buy it in Korea.  I love Saem's nail polish.  My favorite color from them is the global eco red.  Google online if you don't know what I am talking about.  It's the best red I've seen.

    Anyways, this line call Candy Nails has a sandy glittery finish.  It's like I have a coat of sugar on my nails.

    There's a big of glitter in it.

    This is a pretty sheer polish, to which I am a bit disappointed to.  
    This is the result 3 coats. Love the texture after it's dried! 



    1. It really looks like sugar on your nails. Lovely pink shade too!


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