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    UNT Ready for Takeoff Peelable Base Coat

    I have been watching a lot of Simply Nailogical videos on youtube and am brainwashed for must using the peel off basecoat from UNT.  While traveling in Taiwan, I saw this brand, UNT, in several cosmetic shops and realized it's actually a Taiwanese brand.  It was hard to find the easy peel base coat though.  Most of the shops I found, such as Watsons, only sell their nail polish or other cosmetic projects.  I finally found this at 86 Shop, the outlet at Shilin Night Market.  Just like the listed price on their website, it is NT$250.  I got 2 bottles as I am scared it will be hard to find again.  Not all 86 Shop carry this item.

    The packaging looks like this.

    At first, I thought it would just be like the peel off base coat from Etude House.  After using it, I realized it's way better than the one from Etude House.  It dries faster and the consistency is just like any other regular base coat.  I like that part.

    Just like Etude House peel off base coat, it peels off neatly.

    This is one of the glitter polish I used with the UNT peel off base coat.

    It pops right off.  Bad photo quality, as I was too lazy to grab my camera.

    I really like this peel off base coat, more than Etude House, because it dries way faster and doesn't feel like glue at all.  Etude House has a little glue feeling.  It's thick and takes a bit longer to dry.

    Price-wise, UNT is about 3 times more expensive, but it's still pretty cheap.  Well worth the price!



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