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  • White Valentine

    Basic, classy and simple. Just the way I like it. But most importantly this is a super fast manicure. I must say I don't normally do white nails since I feel like it doesn't not compliment my skin tone. But this turned out pretty good. One of my all time favourite I would say.  

    I used to think that it would look really weird to use those jumper loops for jewellery making on my nails. Mostly because I felt I couldn't find the right sizes jewel and also because there would be that clasp opening. But looking at it now it doesn't seem that noticeable at all and also the size doesn't have to be perfect. 

    Love those little caviar beads. Love how they add in the extra detail, but I hate how their color always bleeds if it any color other than gold or silver > < 

    By Cho 


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