Image Plate Organizer (Born Pretty Store Review)

I realized I have lots of image plate and I have nothing to organize them in.  So, I decided to get this super cute image plate organizer from Born Pretty Store.  It can hold 24 image plates.  I thought I have less than 24 plates...but after receiving this item, I realized I have way more than that.  I think my image plate collection is getting out of control.  

I like how it can carry 3 different shapes of image plates that I own.  Of course, I have some other larger image plate that won't fit in these pockets, but most of my image plates are these type, mainly circle, square and octagon.

I got this in color peachblow.  

Description from their website:
Material: PVC 
Size: 7.5*8.5cm 
Style: 12 double-side pages, 24 slots on each page. 
Capacity: Each case has 24 individual slots, it can hold totally 24 pcs stamping plate
Color: 2 Colors available

You can get this at:

Image Plate Organizer (Born Pretty Store Review) Image Plate Organizer (Born Pretty Store Review) Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, April 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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