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    Rainbow Foil Tip Nails

    So I know I am a little late on the whole foil nails bandwagon, but better late than never. I also wanted to do a special twist on it by only doing the tips. This might not have been the brightest move. As a first time nail foiler, I found it a lot harder to control than I expected > < 

    This is the white polish which I used, I like this one from Lioele because of its big fat brush. Makes painting my nails much faster. 

    Needless to say these didn't come out as I expected. It all seems a little tacky to me... with the rainbow and the white. Must think of another way to use these rainbow foils. So these nails lasted a whole an hour before I couldn't stand it and washed it all off. I am sure will come up with something better next time. 

    By Cho


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