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    廣東名門 Chinese Legend - Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

    It was grandma's birthday!  That means it's another excuse for lots of Chinese food. First off the BBQ goose.  Yummy!  Almost anything BBQ is good.  But then, it's pretty oily. So, 1 or 2 pieces and that's enough for me.

    The thing about this place is that there's a fish market just outside of the restaurant and we went to the fish market to get all the seafood we want, then brought it across the street to Chinese Legend and they prepared the seafood for us with a service charge.  It's fun to hand pick your seafood, down side is that I think they cheat us on the food sometimes.  What brought into the kitchen, may not be everything that's brought out to our table.

    Desserts are my favorite part.  Love this peach shape buns with the lotus seed paste inside!  Yum yum!

    It was around HK$350 per person.  We had about 15-18 people.  I can't really remember.  The price is not too bad.

    Shop 1, G/F, Sam Shing Market, Sam Shing Estate, Tuen Mun

    Chinese Legend is at point x in the list "Places Part 1" on the map below:



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