Harvest from Shopping in Seoul

It's always like a war zone when I come unpack my things after coming home from a trip.  I didn't buy much this time I went to Seoul, not a surprised as I still have some products that I haven't finished using from my last trip to Seoul a year ago.

Loaded up on some hair products from The Saem.  The Silk Hair products from Saem made it possible to comb through my hair.  After using them for about 3 months, my hair has grown a lot faster.  It grew about 10cm in about 3 months~  I guess my hair had less breakage so it had the opportunity to grow longer?  So, basically, each night after I shower, I towel dried my tower, spray the pink bottle near my roots, then the argan moisture mist onto the middle to end of my hair, then rub in the treatment lotion to my ends.  Sounds like a lot, but it really helped me comb through my hair later on.

Got some paper masks, most were free gift from purchase of skincare products or was handed to me for free when I walked pass their shop.

Got a BB cream from Club Clio.  I have lots of foundation/BB cream already, but still bought this one as it was buy 1 get 1 free and for 2 bottles, it was 14,000 won, if I remember correction.  It's also very watery, which I love.  I don't like thick foundation or BB cream.  The down point is that it's super light, but still acceptable for my skin tone.

These medicated bandage saved my life.  I think there are pain killer in these muscle bandage.  I walked so much that my lower back was aching and I was unable to walk anymore.  My back usually hurts when I walk a lot during those days of the month.  I was sitting in Homeplus resting, hoping my back would get better, but didn't, when I spotted the pharmacies section in Homeplus.  I went to the counter and used everything I can think of to describe pain reliever for my back.  Finally, he handed me these.  I don't think it's good to use in the long run as it stops my pain almost immediately.  The result is too good to be true.  So, I assume, it's not good for my body in the long run if I continue using it.  But for a quick fix, it does the trick!

For some reason, my face was really irritated when I was in Korea.  I got this aloe vera moisturizer from Nature Republic and it helped sooth and calm my skin~  It was cheap too.  Good stuff.

I can't wait to go to Korea to shop again!

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