Day 1: 阿里巴巴 逢甲 Fengjia Alibaba - Taichung, Taiwan

So, I booked Fengjia Alibaba through airbnb.  I found this places also on, but the price on was tripled.  This just make me love Airbnb even more.  

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Just as the name of the place, this small hostel is at Fengjia Night Market, about 3 min walk? The room is fairly clean, but looks nothing like the pictures shown on airbnb or  On the website, the rooms were all colorfully decorated.  Obviously, from my pictures, they are not.  The place was quite fully booked, so I had to change room on the 2nd night.  This is my first room, which was on the 4th floor.  There is no elevator in this building.  The stairs are narrow and steep.  Aside from that, this was a very nice place.  Close the the night market, close to the airport, and fairly clean.  The staffs were very friendly and came looking for us when we had trouble finding the place.  

This hostel is in alleys, so, not easy to find at first.

On the second night, we were moved tot he 3rd floor.  I like the layout of this room more.

Address: No.3, W. 4th Aly., Huaxia Ln., Taichung, 台中市 Taiwan 433
Tel: +886 983 755 559

Fengjia Alibaba is at point C in the list "Places Part 1" on the map below:


Day 1: 香蕉新樂園 Xiang Jiao Xin Le Yuan > 一中商圈 Yizhong Market > 阿里巴巴 逢甲 Fengjia Alibaba > 逢甲夜市 FengJia Night Market
Day 2: 彩虹眷村 Caihongjuan Village > 薰衣草森 Lavender Cottage天馬牧場Alpaca Farm臺中梧棲觀光魚港 Wuqi Fisherman's Wharf 高美濕地 Kaomei Wetland  > 一中商圈 Yizhong Market
Day 3: 宮原眼科 Miyahara > OPPO台中NOVA體驗店 > 勤美術館CMP Block Museum of Arts > Movies at 華威影城 (Wovies) - SOGO > Late dinner at 稻鮨
Day 4: TW1 Hotel > ATT4FUN度小月擔仔麵 Du Hsiao Yueh Restaurant at 忠孝東路 >
夢幻學園 Maiden School Cafe at 台北車站 Taipei Station > 西門町 Ximending
Day 5: 淡水 Tamshui > 士林夜市 Shilin Night Market
Day 6: 剝皮寮老街 Bopiliao Ancient Street中華民國總統府 President Office > Presidential and Vice-Presidential Artifacts Museum 總統副總統文物館
Day 1: 阿里巴巴 逢甲 Fengjia Alibaba - Taichung, Taiwan Day 1: 阿里巴巴 逢甲 Fengjia Alibaba - Taichung, Taiwan Reviewed by chichicho on Sunday, July 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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