Day 4: Tempura at 楽ちゃん港本店 - Fukuoka, Japan

I love tempura!  And nothing can beat fresh fried tempura.  Yum Yum!
There is a tempura restaurant right next to our airbnb stay.  It's 楽ちゃん港本店.  It's a small shop run by 3 old men, I think...if I remembered correctly.

We got in and sat down only to realized there is no English menu at all and no pictures either.
As for the staffs, they don't speak English.  Although we have studied a few years of Japanese while we were in high school, it is definitely not enough for us to be able to communicate with the staffs.

So, here is the menu.

There are some set menu on the side.

We order a few set menu and some additional side order.  Actually we didn't order it by ourselves.  There was another customer that speaks fluent Chinese and Japanese.  She was so nice to help us translate and helped us order.  People are just so nice in Japan.  People are always so helpful in Japan.  The last time I went to Japan, I left my wallet that had all my ID, Passport, credit card and cash in a shop.  The shop owner run all over town looking for me.  During this trip at Fukuoka, strangers offered to give us a ride down the deserted mountain so we didn't have to do the 2 hour walk down after dark.  And now, there is a random woman who is willing to help us translate and order food.  It may seem like something very simple, but I am pretty sure no one in Hong Kong would offer such help.

Our set came with rice and soup.  Unlimited refill~  But we already had Italian food before this and so, we could barely finish our 1 bowl of rice at all.

Behind the open kitchen, the chefs are busy making our tempura and when each piece is done, they would immediately bring the tempura to our plate.  It really can't get any fresher than this.  They are just so light and crisp.  I love love it.

楽ちゃん港本店 is at point O in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below:


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Day 4: Tempura at 楽ちゃん港本店 - Fukuoka, Japan Day 4: Tempura at 楽ちゃん港本店 - Fukuoka, Japan Reviewed by chichicho on Saturday, July 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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