Rainbow Unicorn Nails

Love these nails and they are great and just in time for Summer. I have been following the rainbow hair / Unicorn hair trend because it is just so so pretty, but I haven't been brave enough to dye my hair rainbow colors. I did attempt to ask for a purple / pink gradient hair color from a hair salon in Hong Kong and they told me that it is impossible.... and that they can't do gradient hair because it is unavailable in Hong Kong..... don't really know why it is unavailable....  so sadly, I just went on and had my hair the old boring safe medium brown I always have.

To rectify this situation I did a rainbow gradient for for my nails. These were surprisingly easy and fast to do. I love the dimension and the different colors that I got in the base color. 
I apologize that I forgot to take step by step photos, for this. but in short:

Step 1: Pick a jelly polish and paint a thin coat on half or a quarter or even a corner of your nail 
Step 2: With a different jelly polish, quickly paint what is left of the nail, the key to this is to not let the nail polish dry so you can create that soft gradient texture.
Step 3: Repeat the color on areas you want to have more dept

****** if your nail polish does dry and creates a harsh line, just layer the 2 different color polishes on top of one another for 2-3 times alternating each time and that should fix it ******

**** If you don't have the jelly polish color that you are looking for, just dab a bit of clear polish onto a notepad and mix in a tiny bit of the desired nail polish color and you have created your own jelly polish (that is what I did with the orange color)**** 

 Lets be honest with ourselves, we really don't use jelly polishes that often, so creating a quick jelly polish for one time use saves a lot of $ and you save yourself from cluttering up your nail polish racks with nail polish that you might only use once, 

Colors used: BW #SNC591, Pa #A38, American Apparel #Neon Orange 47191

By Cho

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